TPM Outfitters TPM SD

While waiting on the Form 4 for my first suppressor for my MP5SD clone I started looking for alternative options. I knew I didn't like the weight and finish of the Omega. I just didn't know if there even were any alternatives available. Some internet research lead me to one by a company I'd never heard of, TPM Outfitters. They had a good reputation and they even had some of their SD suppressors on Gunbroker. I wasn't sure, though. The internet "conventional wisdom" held that the KAC MP5SD suppressor was the "best", if you could find one. Of course they're quite scarce. Then I found the group buy for KAC suppressors on HKPro and joined in. It seemed like fate had smiled on me by providing such an opportunity. Little did I know that it would be a multi-year affair. I still don't have that one yet, although the Form 3 to my NFA dealer should be approved any time now. Well, again on HKPro, I recently see a discussion on SD suppressors. The small runs of Omega MP5SD clone barreled receivers available from Atlantic Firearms have spurned interest in the topic again. One thing that came to light was dimensions and weight. I knew my Omega SD suppressor was heavy, but what I didn't realize is that the KAC suppressor isn't that light either. That gives me pause as heavy weights hanging off the ends of barrels make for bad balance. The TPM suppressor was notably light in the weights that folks posted. So, if I'm going to have 2 SD suppressors, why not make it 3? In the grand scheme, the TPM suppressors aren't that expensive. So, I ordered one.

Ordered: 3/14/2017