HK G36C clone by TommyBuilt Tactical

I can be pretty impulsive under the right conditions. Unfortunately the right conditions came up as I was already putting some extra stress on the bank account. To set the stage — I had kicked off my XM8 project. I had just bought my G36K clone. I had kicked off my G36C in 300BLK project. I had even bought another HK SL8 I was contemplating filing a Form 1 on for a G36C build. I had a few months to make that decision before 41F became effective. And then Tom Bostic of TommyBuilt Tactical put up a G36C build for sale. It was beautiful, of course. It was in RAL-8000, in a custom cut case, with a couple magazines, and he was willing to sell it as a Form 2 SBR or Title 1 without an installed barrel. The kicker — he was asking an amazing price for it. I knew I couldn't build one for close to that. I'd been looking recently. I just didn't immediately have enough cash on-hand to drop on it. I hated to do this, but I reached out to Tom and asked if he'd be willing to let me do a layaway on it in 2 payments about a month apart. He was. And so it was mine <evil cackle>.

About 6 weeks later I picked it up at my transfer dealer. The dealer noticed, as I did, that this was serial number one. Considering all the years Tom had been doing this there had to be a story behind this. I asked. There is one. I haven't requested permission to share the story, so I won't here, but it is interesting. It's more of a "what could have been" story, but I'll take it. Also, this was obviously not an SL8 conversion. I knew from my 300blk G36C project that this was a possibility, but still interesting to note. In fact this has a T36C model number, so it's apparently an early model of Tom's own T36 receivers he's been working on. Home it went and very quickly I had a Form 1 filed while it waited in the safe.

Nine months later the approved Form 1 came back. I decided to change the configuration up. I liked the Troy G36C top rail and handguard enough to order another one for this rifle. It's not that the standard C handguard is bad, but I just really like the Troy version. The original top rail I was just OK with, so the Troy is a big upgrade. Also, as the rifle came, the folding stock had the cheek-riser installed and like that the sights on the top rail weren't usable. They are usable with the Troy top rail. I also wanted to add an HK VFG. The problem with changing up the configuration is that it no longer fit in the custom cut case that it came in. The only disappointment here is that the Troy handguard didn't fit out of the box. I'm not sure if that's normal or just this build. I asked Tom to paint and fit the new top rail and handguard, install a SilencerCo ASR flash-hider mount, engrave my trust info, and cut new foam for the case to match while I have it back with him for the barrel install.

When it came back it beat my expectations. Seriously. A G36C just handles so well. This one balances further back than the 300blk build. That makes sense, the gas block on the 300blk build is quite large. The 30 caliber barrel may be heavier as well (hard to say based on looking at it). Whatever it is, this handles a notch better. This is a work of beauty. The rifle looks and feels great. The case matches perfectly. And the SilencerCo ASR mount clears the handguard! So, I ought to be able to run this suppressed at some point. I either need my SpecWar 762 back, or something else rated for such a short 5.56 barrel. Another one knocked out of the park.