SilencerCo Osprey 45

The SilencerCo Osprey 45 was my first suppressor. In 2013 I decided I needed to have a suppressed pistol in the home defense tool set. If you've ever gone shooting at an indoor range, or even an outdoor range with a solid roof, you know how loud it can be. I realized that if I had to fire in a home defense situation some hearing damage was going to be guaranteed. I'm fine sacrificing some hearing to stop a threat, but it's not just my hearing I'm sacrificing. I needed to do better. A suppressor seemed like the answer. Even if I don't get below the OSHA 140 dB threshold, 141 dB is much better than 165 dB. As I do, I started researching.

I have an irrational love for .45ACP. My trusty XD(M)-45 is my pick for a home defense pistol. It makes big holes, is very controllable, fits my hand well, I'm accurate with it, is reliable, and with rounds that will always be subsonic seemed like a good candidate for suppressing. This was before Springfield started offering a factory "suppressor ready" model. My research seemed to indicate the top performing 45 caliber supressors on the market were the AAC Ti-RANT and the SilencerCo Osprey. I called my local favorite gunshop to see if they had either available. They had a few SilencerCo Osprey 45s on the shelf, so I drove over and bought one. While I wasn't totally new the NFA process, this was my first Form 4. I was happy to have an experienced shop guiding me along.

Almost 7 months later my stamp came in and I was able to take it home. In the mean time, I had purchased a Bar-sto threaded barrel for my XD(M). At the time, all my shooting was at indoor ranges. Not that I got much range time, but what I did was always indoors. It was amazing to hear the difference shooting suppressed vs unsuppressed. Shooting is enjoyable. Shooting suppressed (particularly with subsonic ammo) puts a silly grin on your face. This was my first experience shooting suppressed. I knew it wouldn't be movie quiet, but I really had no frame of reference for expectations. I was highly satisfied with my choices when it came down to it.

Let's talk about the suppressor itself. I don't have the proper equipment to meter this. I can't even comment as to whether or not I think this suppressor is hearing safe. I always shoot with hearing protection on. I can say the difference between shooting the same host with the same ammo with and without the supppressor is significant. My face gets a little dirtier due to blowback. I very much appreciate the offset suppressor body an how it lets me use normal sights without blocking as much of the sight picture. No, it's not completely out of the way. Fit and finish seems outstanding. The locking action to allow one to time the suppressor position works well and holds solid. It does feel a bit long, but it isn't heavy. I almost don't notice the weight hanging off the front. If I need another 45 caliber pistol suppressor I wouldn't hesitate to buy another. I have almost zero complaints. The only quibble I have is the cost of the pistons. Granted, in 45 there's less variation in threading to have to deal with, but I have 2 thread patterns I have to support: 5/8x24 and M16x1LH. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend one of these to anyone looking for a 45 suppressor. I'm betting a lot on mine.