SilencerCo Omega

Shortly after I was able to take home my SpecWar 556 and SpecWar 762 I already set my sights on the SilencerCo Omega. The SpecWar 762 is just so heavy. The plan was for it to go on my Honey Badger-esque clone, but I was already concerned the weight would shift the balance too far forward. The timing didn't look good, though. Omegas were on order at my NFA dealer from SilencerCo with no ETA. It also seemed like an inter-state move was likely, which is a bad time to have a Form 1 or Form 4 in process. So, waiting was in order.

Fast forward 18 months, our move is done and I've found new trusty NFA dealer to try. They had a few Omegas in stock. I expected that 41P was going to be announced (and go into effect) "soon" so I went ahead and bought one. 5 months later, the approved Form 4 came back and I was able to take it home.

Since acquiring this, I've only put a few hundred rounds through it -- all 300blk. My first "complete" 300blk was supposed to be my Honey Badger clone, but that didn't work out. The upper assembly took longer than it should have. Instead, the 300blk conversion of my HK53 clone was the first. The problem it is, it's not done either. Apparently it won't run subsonic ammo, even with my Omega on it. Then I finally got the upper for my Honey Badger clone and it's over gassed. A few iterations of changes have had me back to the range with the Omega, but it's still not quite ready yet either. It feels like a solid suppressor. It mounts well either direct thread or with the ASR flash-hider. It's light. It seems to have good sound suppression. I like it.