SilencerCo Octane 9

I described my circuitous entry into suppressor ownership on my AAC Ti-RANT page. An Octane 9 was to be my second suppressor. I wanted something for my subguns. The sales folks at my favorite gunshop helped lead me to the Octane series for its extra durability in subgun use. They had a batch on order due in "any day" so I reserved one. I even paid for one to make sure I got one. They had a list of customers waiting. Well, a couple months of "any day" went by without the batch arriving. I got antsy. 41P discussion was rampant. I switched to the AAC Ti-RANT, but didn't give up on the Octane. The batch eventually did arrive that summer and I bought one.

It was December of 2014 when I got to take it home. The first accessory I purchased was a 3-lug adaptor. I picked up a few other pistons "just-in-case", but this really was supposed to be a dedicated subgun suppressor, and all my 9mm subguns had 3-lug mounts. Par for the course (for me) was the 3-lug didn't fit on any of my guns. It was a head scratcher. The JB Tactical 3-lug adapter for my Ti-RANT worked on all of them. It look a bit of gunsmithing, but I got it all sorted out. My subguns were all various HK MP5 variant clones and the barrels may not have been quite to spec. I've since learned that SilencerCo has made some modifications to their 3-lug mount to ease compatibility with clones. Anyway, what I've got works. It works well. Shooting suppressed is a true joy.

If owning a suppressor expresses that you were at least convinced at one time the product was a good one, what does it say when you buy another? Yup, I bought a second one. 41P was a big scare in 2013, but as 2014 pressed on it became clear that maybe the rush had been a little hasty. In 2016 it picked back up again. Once 41P was published as 41F in January 2016 the mad rush was on to get Form 1s and Form 4s in before 41F officially took effect on July 13, 2016. My local gunshop had a few Octane 9's on the shelf. I'd been in for a bunch of transfers and they kept calling to me. I finally caved and bought one in March 2016. My father-daughter MP5K's needed matching suppressors. 9 months later I got to take that one home too.

What can I say about the suppressors themselves? They're solid. I really feel like I could beat the crap out of them. I simply won't run them hard enough to worry about. Yeah, they're heavier than the Ti-RANT, but they'll hold up to heavy use and it's less of an issue hanging off the front of a subgun vs a pistol. They should last me a lifetime.