SilencerCo Octane 45

In 2015 I was quite solidly in the suppressor "game". I already had (or was in-process on) 8 suppressors. I loved shooting suppressed. I started to realize that except for my night stand pistol, my collection was decidedly 9mm focused. That seems wrong as you have to pay attention to bullet weights with 9mm to make sure you have subsonic rounds. That's basically a non-issue with .45acp. It was clear, I was going to start getting some .45 caliber carbines. I didn't know when. I didn't know what, but it was going to happen. So, I decided I needed a solid .45 suppressor and the Octane 45 seemed to fit the bill. My trusty NFA dealer had some in stock, so I bought one. As this goes, several months go by and I can take it home.

Sadly, I have yet to actually use this suppressor. My prediction was correct, I started down the .45acp carbine path. I have 2 ready to roll, but I just never seem to have the time to get to the range.It's a quality product. It's built well. It feels quite solid. I wouldn't go so far as to call it attractive -- it's a metal tube, but it looks alright. The only complaint I have is that SilencerCo doesn't make a direct thread adapter in M16x1LH. Both my KRISS Vector and UMP are setup with those threads. My Beretta CX4 will be as well, when it's done. With a direct thread adapter I could minimize the parts count and overall length. Instead I have to use the M16x1LH piston, plus the fixed spacer in the piston mount. That just feels wrong. I'm even considering getting a direct thread adapter custom made. It'll work, though.