SilencerCo Hybrid

I think it was mid-2015 that SilencerCo had a big shin-dig in Miami where they took a bunch of the gun media out and showed off new items that they were prepping to release. Among them was the Hybrid. It's supposed to fall in the do-everything category. Now I'm most certainly not going to be the guy that buys one suppressor to do everything. It was obvious, even back then. But this did stand out to me as another option that would support .45 or maybe even a suppressed .45-70 someday, while having a ton of mount options. We were going to move, and there still wasn't a release date, so I put it out of my mind. Fast forward to January 2016 and they became orderable. I had an Omega alredy in the Form 4 process and my new NFA dealer told me they had some of these Hybrids on order. I quietly wondered if they would arrive in time to beat 41F. I had certainly expressed enough interest that I got a short e-mail announcement hen they arrived. I was there that afternoon to buy one. Yup, maybe I could fit another suppressor under my belt before 41F. Besides, I needed another .45 suppressor to cover all the .45 carbines I was working on. Sure, that's just the ticket. And so the Form 4 wait began.

Several months go by and I get a disturbing word -- my NFA dealer is going out of business. The day before I have to make an international trip I stop by to do a transfer and I'm told that sorry, nothing leaves while they're doing inventory with the ATF. It happens. They're a small shop. Maybe they don't have the manpower to have someone sit with the ATF while running the shop. I get back from my trip and they have stopped all sales. They do my transfer, but that's it. I'm told that the ATF has pulled their FFL, but has allowed them to keep their SOT and that the NFA items waiting on Form 4s are going to be fine. That does not sound right, but what can I do?

A couple months later and it's about time for my Form 4 to come back. In fact, I'm hearing folks are starting to get back approved Form 4s for things submitted a month after my Hybrid was purchased. Funny thing -- I can't seem to get ahold of the owner. Almost a week goes by and I finally get a response. My approved Form 4 has come in. It was approved almost a month earlier, but I've got it now. What a relief.

As to the suppressor itself, I can't say much. It's feels pretty good. The build quality is in-line with what I expect from SilencerCo. I haven't mounted it on anything and I certainly haven't shot it yet. I'm not even sure what mounts I have to buy yet. I'm just happy to have it.