Romanian SAR-2

2 Romanian SAR-2's and an Arsenal Inc. SA M-7
SAR-2′s are Romanian AK-74 variants imported by Century International Arms Inc. from about 1999 until 2003. Pictured here are my own 2 (now sold) SAR-2′s and my (also sold) SA-M7. They aren’t much to look at, being very rough firearms like all the Romanian AK’s I’ve seen, but I aquired these at great prices. The first, the left most rifle in the picture, was a bone stock SAR-2 (inspected closely for straightness from a new batch of 12 straight from Century Arms) for less than $300 (including tax). The second, the right most rifle in the picture, I bought new from somebody online needing money. It was their project gun that had Z_recto finished laminated handguards, original Romanian pistol grip and a right-folding wire stock. It was really beautiful. Later, I even managed to get a Romanian bolt-carrier with the up-turned charging handle that would match a folding stock. That really made things nice. If only the folding stock could really fold (this was before the AWB sunset). My original intent was to hold them for a while as their value increased (which was obviously immanent) and sell one to pay for the refurbishing of the other into something extra special. The result was that I sold them both off for just a little more than I paid for each of them and built my AK-74M from scratch. The reasoning behind my decision was — why should I try to make a clean and beautiful project from a set of know to be quite rough parts instead of starting from scratch with known to be higher quality parts? At least it made sense at the time. I think I made a good decision. I have little concern about owning another SAR-2, though. A SAR-2 is a fine base rifle. Just keep your eyes open for the multitude of QC issues that the Century guys leave.