Omega OSD9

My path to MP5SD clone ownership took a while. The last piece of that in the minimum-equipment-list sort of way was the actual suppressor. Unfortunately, it wasn't smooth sailing. Seven months after purchase, in the same message informing me that the Form 3 for the rifle was approved, I was told that a new suppressor was being sourced. That was quite a twist for me as it was the first I'd heard that there wasn't a Form 3 in process for the suppressor. When I originally ordered the pair I was told both the rifle and suppressor were in stock, but not who originally manufactured the suppressor. It was then I found out it was a Coharie SD suppressor, but I was told that it had been destroyed along with his others. It still doesn't make sense. I was told that the ATF would no longer approve transfers of Coharie items so Dave had cut up the suppressors. There must be an interesting story there, but I haven't heard it. Dave sourced a replacement from Omega. At the time he didn't mention the company name other than to say it would come from "the manufacturer" directly to my NFA dealer to avoid another Form 3. It was two or three months later I got word that the Form 3 was approved and the manufacturer was just waiting to received the physical paper to ship to my dealer. And then it took another 3 months for them to do that. Yeah, it made no sense. It was during this that Dave offered me a refund if I was done with the BS. I'd already committed that much time, and I didn't how else to get an SD suppressor, so I stuck with it.

I finally got the call from my NFA dealer that the suppressor had arrived. They had 2 comments. First, wow is this "can" heavy. They joked I could use it as a very effective bludgeon. Second, they said that they had a very hard time getting in contact with the manufacturer. I'm not sure what they needed, but I will note that Omega seemed to be pretty far under the radar at that point. I went by to do the Form 4 and get a look at the merchandise. Frankly, I was disappointed. I absolutely agreed that it was heavy. I still haven't weighed it, but in my hand it's notably heavier than my SpecWar 762, which itself is no lightweight. I also don't understand the finish. It's like they just dipped it in a coating embedded with some sand. Think garage floor coating without the shine. I asked Dave about this and he said the prototype he had photos of intended to replicate the texture on the original HK cans, and that the serial number should be on the back cap. I still can't comment as to the comparability of the finish to an actual HK suppressor, it is clear the serial number is on the tube instead of the back cap. It all goes under the handguard anyway, but it's sad that Omega didn't even meet the spec they'd told Dave they'd meet. It should come as no surprise that I started to find another option at this point.

It took another 5 months for the Form 4 to come back approved. All-in it was about 18 months from when I ordered it to when I finally could take it home. It's just my kind of luck.