Knight's Armament Company MP5SD-N

The saga of acquiring my HK MP5SD clone was long. It held the record as the longest NFA acquisition I've had thus far. The long pole in the tent was the suppressor. When I finally got to see/hold it I was disappointed. It was so heavy. It really shifted the balance of the rifle forward. I wasn't sure if that's how MP5SD's are really that way or if it was just the clone suppressor. Well, it didn't take long for me to look for alternatives. I was quite tempted by TPM's SD suppressor, but found a group buy on HKPro organized by Teufelshund Tactical for the Knight's Armament Company MP5SD-N suppressor. Conventional wisdom on the internet is that the KAC MP5SD-N is the best SD suppressor. So I signed up.

I still don't have it yet, but we have progress. The Form 3 to my local dealer has been approved and now we wait on shipping.