Firing Line AKS-74NU

Firing Line AKS-74NU

This is my AKS-74NU “Krinkov” built to my specifications by Firing Line. Basically, it’s a 5.56x45mm Krinkov with some specific customizations.

First of all, I am a big fan of milled receivers. When Firing Line announced that they had started to produce a variation of their MLS99 receiver that accepts side-folding stocks I knew that I was going to have a project for (at least) one. The last 6 months of 2005 had Bulgarian Krinkov parts kits dry up and I had given up getting one. I decided that I would build an AK-102 in consolation. I ordered one of these milled side-folding receivers from Firing Line and shipped them an AK-100 series polymer side-folder to mount on it. The plan was to pick it up at the Wanenmacher show in October 2005. I did, but at Firing Line’s table they had several beautiful Krinkovs built on milled receivers. I was in love. I talked to Mike about my purposes for this milled receiver I was purchasing and how it was in part due to the remote possibility of me finding a Krinkov parts kit in 5.56. Mike informed me that he could put together a 5.56 Krink for me from what was in the 5.45x39mm Krinkov parts kits and a custom barrel. I thought about it for a week and then gave them a call to put the order in. Over the next few weeks I gathered and mailed them: an AK-100 series polymer side-folder, Autoburst‘s milled delrin handguards, and a SPEC tactical grip.

And I patiently waited.

On February 1, 2006, I got a call from Mike telling me that the rifle was ready. I just needed to send the balance of the funds for the build and my FFL’s cert. I did and I got a message from my FFL on February 9, 2006 that it had arrived. I picked it up on February 11, 2006. I ran 40 rounds through it in the strong cold wind before leaving. It ran pretty well. Everything was a little tight, but I expect it to break in. Something I hadn’t expected was the muzzle flash. Krinkovs are known for their prolific fireballs, but I had simply associated that with the short barreled builds. This one has it with the full length fake suppressor. It’s cool. I need to get some pictures of it in action.

Update (June 26, 2006):

I finally got to shoot it again this past Saturday. RangeUSA has a .223 night on Saturdays that they are trying now and so I gave them a try. They require you run their frangible .223, so that’s what I used. 5/300 rounds didn’t work. 4 got their heads smashed into the case, 1 stove-piped, and several more didn’t fully cycle the action (didn’t eject at all). I’m not so happy about that, but I blame the ammo. I discovered that my Clear/Smokey Bulgarian Waffle mags probably won’t work with this rifle either. I brought 2 along and one wouldn’t lock in the magazine well at all (it otherwise fit, just wouldn’t lock in). I may have that worked on when I send it off for the SBR, scope rail, and refinishing.