DJ Getz Firearms Company 94SD SBR

Have you ever "accidently" bought something expensive? Well, that's almost what happened here. My first 4 SBR's are roller-lock guns -- HK clones. Well, 3 of them are HK clones and one uses the same action. Anyway, I chose them as my first SBRs because the theory was I should be able to just swap the back plates for stocks as soon as I had back approved Form 1's and that'd be it. No gunsmith required, except for that engraving requirement, but maybe I didn't need a gunsmith for that. The best laid plans...

Well that didn't work. Of the 4, only 1 worked out that way -- the one that isn't actually a clone (my PXP-10). The other 3 need some fitting, at the minimum. Bah, clones. At least the PXP-10 stock fit fine. I've since got 2 more going, but the last one is sitting in the safe with the stock partially on.

So, there I am, kinda down on HK clones, but I've got a fire under me to get my NFA want list fulfilled. There is talk of the "41P" issue coming up that looks like it will be more hoops for me to jump through and I'd rather take the time I have and start aquiring things to avoid that extra nuisance. I'd already started the paperwork on some suppressors, and had my name on a waiting list for more coming in. I started to think about the 9mm suppressor I was waiting on -- 9mm is only subsonic if you buy the right ammo. "Normal" 9mm is probably supersonic. That kinda makes a 9mm suppressor more expensive to shoot. I started thinking about the MP5SD. In those, you can shoot supersonic ammo and the barrel and suppressor configuration keeps the projectile subsonic. And folks say that it's great gun to introduce new shooters to the hobby because it looks cool, is decently accurate, has low recoil, and is relatively quiet. Where could I get one of those?

It turns out they exist in the clone and conversion market. I knew I couldn't afford to get a converted HK94. I was already a bit frustrated with my current HK clones. Maybe the market had changed, though. I hadn't looked in some time. It'd been about 5 years since my last clone was purchased. Besides, it's not something anybody would have in stock, right? So, why not read up on them some more? Of course the commentary has me lusting after them. In looking around I "heard" (on forums) great things about a clone maker I'd never heard of -- DJ Getz Firearms. I know, don't believe everything you read on the internet, but if you're doing research on the internet, you have to have some level of trust. It turns out DJ Getz Firearms Company has a post over on HKPro listing them as something they have in stock. So what does a guy do? It's a slightly dated post, surely they're sold out. If I just ask and I'll find out for sure they're gone and I can put it out my mind -- they were still in stock. And then, somehow in a blur it was ordered -- and the SD suppressor too. You know that feeling you get when you've just polished off a whole bag of chips in one sitting (and I'm not talking about those little bags) -- that's about where I was. Except there's no instant gratification. I opted for a factory SBR as I figured it'll take about the same time as the suppressor to transfer. You can't use an SD without the "can" (unless you get a sleeve designed to make it work, they exist, but aren't cheap).

Update 2/9/2015:I've got the SBR. There turned out to be some problems with the "can", so the SBR has made the trip home first. I'm not sure when the "can" will come home. I have word that the Form 3 was approved. My FFL doesn't have it yet. Then we get to do the Form 4 and continue waiting. I originally guessed 15 months to have this home and it looks like it'll be even longer.

Update 2:I don't have my SD suppressor yet, but I found a Group Buy on KAC MP5SD suppressors, so I signed up.

Update 3:After 18 months my 94SD is home, just in time to look into Form 20's for a move. Wow this suppressor is heavy.

3/17/2014: Ordered and Money Sent

3/20/2014: Money Received

3/31/2014: Form 3s sent

10/21/2014: SBR Shipped to my FFL

10/27/2014: Form 4 sent on the SBR

1/31/2015: Form 4 approved for the SBR

2/6/2015: Approved form 4 for the SBR received by my FFL

2/6/2015: SBR goes home with me

9/2015: Omega SD suppressor goes home with me