Colt CCO 1911

While at the gun store on 3/2/2010 there was a nice Colt CCO 1911 on consignment at a good price.  It looked like it was such a good deal I couldn’t pass it up.  It came in a generic pistol case with 4 mags (3 Kimber, 1 unknown), and several obvious aftermarket parts, such as a Wilson bushing.  I haven’t gone and identified all the parts yet, but I will at some point.

Update:  Shoots real nice.  I put a couple hundred rounds through it on my first range trip and started to think it was too big for my hand.  I put another 30 rounds or so through it on a range trip some time later and it functioned fine, but I was even more sure that it was too big for my hand.  I put another 350 rounds through it on “one last” range session just to make sure it was too big for my hand before I sell it — and decided to keep it.  I’m thinking I should add a Smith and Alexander mag well, thin Alumagrips (to make it better fit my hand), and maybe some sort of tough finish to use as my carry gun.  It just shoots so nice.