Coharie Arms CA53AR

11/30/2007: ordered

10/12/2009: Todd has posted that those of us on the pre-order list will be getting a call in the next couple of weeks to finalize payment.  I can’t wait.

3/14/2010: They are supposed to be shipping.  I’ve seen 2 or 3 go by on Gun Broker.  Waiting on the call…

6/4/2010: I got the call!!!  Nikki said it should ship the same day.

6/9/2010: FFL called saying it arrived.

6/10/2010: Picked up

3/7/2013: Form 1 mailed to BATFE

3/9/2013: Form 1 delivered to BATFE

3/19/2013: Check cashed by BATFE

1/2/2014: Form 1 approved by BATFE

1/9/2014: NFA stamp received

1/24/2014: SBR complete

4/15/2016: Caliber conversion to 300BLK complete