Arsenal USA SSR-85C

Lacking a picture of my own, one can look up pictures of Armory USA’s (formerly Arsenal USA) SSR-85C-2, which is similar in configuration, but not the same rifle. The primary difference is that the SSR-85C had a highly desirable FEG receiver built with Chinese parts, whereas the SSR-85C-2 is built on Armory USA’s own receiver. I only owned this rifle for a week. This rifle set the precident that more often than not, whatever I buy, however reliable they are generally known to be, will jam for me. In this case, the manufacturer stated that it had bolt-override that was caused by the rear mag catch being mounted too low. I didn’t wish to deal with it, being my first firearm, and took it back to the dealer that sold it to me. They offered to swap me for an Arsenal SA-M7 that I took home. Since then I’ve notice an abnormally large amount of quality control issues coming from Armory USA. This comes from every aspect of the operation, from assembly, to milling, to even ordering. For example, I ordered a custom serial numbered receiver for my AK-74M project. I ordered it at a time that one of the owners suggested that people who wanted custom serial numbered receivers order so that we don’t have to wait so long. At the same time I ordered a muzzle nut, and flash hider. It took me 12 weeks to receive the receiver, because they claim it took a month for them to get my FFL’s cert. I’ve mailed a few things to/from Houston and a month is noth anywhere near the normal enroute time. To top it off, I only received (and was charged for) the muzzle nut. The flash hider’s order seems to have vanished into thin air. From that, and other’s descriptions of problems they’ve noticed in QC, I’m gonna be extra careful in what I get from them in the future.