Arsenal Inc. SLR-104UR

I've been fairly lax in my firearm hobby since I got back into flying. Honestly, it's rather hard to afford both. Lately, I've been looking at a few things. This is no small part a result of my first four NFA stamps coming back in January 2014. It got me looking at the forums again. I also heard about some BATFE NPRM people are calling "41P" and it's going to reduce the convenience of my NFA Trust. So, I need to get a few things in before my bureaucratic headaches go up. Anyway, I was doing some research to properly fill out Form 1's for some of my other Krinkovs and heard about an Arsenal SLR-104UR. And it's amazing price. But, of course, being away from the hobby I missed my opportunity to get them from K-Var when they were offered (and it sounds like there were 2 batches). As luck would have it, another came up on Gunbroker as I was researching, so I bought it. When it arrives, I'll have Krinks in all 3 calibers.

When I picked up the rifle I made sure to give it at least a cursory once-over. I've seen reports on forums of Arsenal's quality slipping, or at least not being as good as their reputation would imply. The first thing I noticed was a slight rattle in the upper handguard and gas tube. That's normal AK stuff. Then I noticed the rear stock. My god it feels like crap -- or at least not as good as the normal Russian bits. I have many of these AK-100 series folding stocks and none felt this cheap. I don't know what's going on with that. Maybe I'll just get used to it. Now to get on the SBR paperwork.

Auction Won: 3/26/2014

Money Sent: 3/27/2014

Money Received: 3/29/2014

Shipped: 3/31/2014

FFL Received: 4/3/2014

Picked Up: 4/4/2014

Form 1 Mailed: 4/7/2014

Form 1 Delivered: 4/10/2014

Check Cashed: 4/22/2014

Approved Form 1 received: 9/2/2014

SBR complete: 9/24/2014