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iOS 6.0 Broke My iPhone

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

I like being on the bleeding edge.  I admit it.  I was updating 3 iOS devices within an hour of iOS 6.0 being released.  It’s known that .0 releases often have interesting/annoying bugs that can bite you.  Truthfully, I don’t generally have many problems and even when I do, they are rarely a big deal.  Well, I finally got bit.  After my iPhone 4S finished updating Wi-Fi quit working.  I didn’t have the widely-reported issue.  Instead I had another, that as of this posting isn’t really resolved. There are others that are reporting it, but the other Wi-Fi issue is getting more coverage almost drowning this one out.  What happened is my Wi-Fi became disabled.   The toggle switch in the Settings app was greyed out in the off position.  Apple actually has a support page for this condition.  I did everything on it, and had no success, so I made an appointment for the Genius Bar and went today.  They weren’t able to fix it either, so they swapped me a new phone.  Looking around online it seems no one has a fix yet.  At least I’m working again before I use up all my data plan.