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It’s never ever too late

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

We went out to Olive Branch Airport (KOLV) today to see Michael Combs on one of his stops in his epic cross-country journey. You can read more about his mission at http://www.flighths.com/ . It’s really great to see someone going out to try and inspire people.

Michael Combs in his Remos GX leaving the ramp for his KOLV to KJWN leg

Blogging with an iPad 3G

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

So, I was one of the crazy people that was in line for the iPad 3G’s release at 17:00 yesterday. I had been debating it most of the week and made a last minute decision to go for it. I did a quick check of the Macrumors iPad forum to see how the lines might be and they seemed to be pretty minimal. So, I made a break for it just after 16:00. It took me about 25 minutes to get there, so I didn’t get in line until about 16:30.

At that pint I was probably about 50 back people in line. That caught me by surprise. As we approached 17:00 the line quickly doubled. Demographic make-up was across the board. This product seemed to have a broad appeal. One guy I was standing near already has an iPad and was looking for the extra mobility of the 3G. With so many people in line we were all a bit concerned about availability. Shortly before 17:00 an Apple employee started working down the line surveying us with an iPod Touch. He’d ask us which model we’re looking for and enter it in his little application. After a second or two it would report back if there was availability for that model and he’d move down the line. The 64GB model was available. Yes. We could start to hear cheers of jubilation coming from within the store. What was going on up there?

The line moved pretty quickly and when I got up to the front there were a lot of people coming up to the line-minder asking about availability. He couldn’t reveal inventory levels, but there were a lot of folks concerned they’d wait in line for an hour and go home empty handed. One lady wasn’t even interested in a 3G model, she wanted a plain iPad, but was driving to Hattiesburg next and wanted to know whether or not it would be worth waiting in line or if she should already hit the road. Pretty much everybody in line was after the 3G, so she shouldn’t have much to worry about.

Then my turn came. I was assisted by Helen (one of two Helens, apparently). She took me inside the store and it was obviously all-hands-on-deck. That was a bustling storm of activity. There were people everywhere. Money was flying at Apple. I got one the 64GB models and the dock and was outta there almost exactly at 17:30. As I walked out the staff erupted in cheers — nice touch.