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More ZFS Goodness

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

My big ZFS pool on my SageTV server recently hit 2/3 capacity.  It’s amazing just how big HD shows are, and I record a lot of them (probably too many).  I needed to do something before I ran out of space, so I ordered 4 more 2TB Hitachi drives.  This box doesn’t have hot-swap capability, but if it had I think I could have done this with 1 reboot.  So, I pulled out 2 of the 1TB drives from separate mirrored pairs and replaced them with 2 2TB drives.  Then I ran ‘zfs replace’ for each missing drive and in about 3 hours it was done resilvering.  I did this again for the other 2 1TB drives from those 2 mirrored pairs.  A reboot later and my array now shows 5.44TB capacity.  It appears throughput has increased as well.  So, this is my 3rd capacity expansion on this pool and I think ZFS is indispensable for it.  There’s no doubt that 6 hours of resilvering better than having to find some place to back up everything (if I even have that much space anywhere), backing it up, rebuilding the array, and then restoring.

The New Plastic Arrived

Friday, March 19th, 2010

A couple weeks back I found this article on AOPA‘s site.  Apparently, it’s been announced for over 2 years, but I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t heard about it.  I’m no longer an active pilot, but I read every aviation magazine I can get ahold of.  I’m surprised I don’t remember seeing this mentioned anywhere.  So, I popped over to the FAA’s website, registered, updated my records, and ordered a new certificate.  The new plastic card arrived yesterday.  It’s a pretty nice card.